Our Story - Letter from the founder

Like many others, I spent years feeling frustrated about climate change & the side-effects it has for me, my family and the world as a whole. As someone who loves the nature, it was very disheartening to see how quickly things were deteriorating. I was not sure what I could do to fix the situation, how can I—one tiny person—fix a problem this big? It made me feel very helpless. Then thanks to the power of internet, I started researching & discovering small steps that I could take to tackle this problem. The old adage, every drop makes an ocean, kept me going. I also believed that if we as customers change our habits, the big corporates will be forced to change the products they offer us. After all, corporates cater to our needs & not the other way around. It was not an easy journey & I had many questions; what products are harmful for the environment, what Eco-friendly solutions are available, where can I buy them from, etc, etc. It took me hours & hours to find a sustainable alternative for even one product. My passion, however, kept me going. I took baby steps towards a zero-waste living. I am still not 100% there, but every day I get closer to my goal of living a completely zero-waste living, and where not possible making compensations for that. During this journey, I also discovered that there are so many people who feel the same struggle, the lack of information & ease of finding sustainable products keeps many people from making more Eco-friendly choices. The prices of sustainable products was another issue. Why did we start Empowearth? With Empowearth, I want to use the knowledge I gained in my journey to help more people like me, provide YOU with more sustainable product options, in as economical way as possible. You don’t need to completely stop using plastic today, but even a tiny change like changing your toothbrush can make a huge difference to the problem. We are not a perfect solution yet, we are constantly learning, trying our best to find you the best solutions in a pocket-friendly manner, adding more products. But we believe being an imperfect environmentalist or having a semi-eco-friendly lifestyle is better than nothing. So here’s to taking baby steps—for us, for our planet & our future generations. Love, Pri