Collection: Home & Garden

Check out our range of eco-friendly & sustainable home & garden products for everyday use. Our collection includes laptop stands, wine holders, candles and lots more to meet your every need. 

Why use Eco-friendly products? 

Climate change & environmental concerns are some of the biggest threats that humanity is currently facing. Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic-based products are one of the strongest ways we as individuals possess currently to tackle environmental concerns. 

“About 14 billion pounds of waste end up in our oceans every year, with most of it being plastics.”

Eco-friendly products are less harmful to the environment as they use more sustainable alternatives like bamboo, organic fabrics. As more consumers start buying eco-friendly products, the consumption and therefore production of plastic and other harmful materials will reduce. 

In addition, eco-friendly products are more long-lasting & end up being beneficial for the consumer as well. 

About EmpowEarth

EmpowEarth started with a vision to create a future with less waste with simple changes. We provide sustainable & eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. We believe the power lies with us buyers. By changing our buying habits, we can Empower our Earth!

Together we create a more sustainable Earth & future for us. 

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