5 Eco-friendly Products With the Most Impact and Least Damage To The Pocket

5 Eco-friendly Products With the Most Impact and Least Damage To The Pocket

Eco-friendly products are one of the biggest hopes we have to reduce the plastic usage and reduce the damage to the planet. 

However, many people find them more expensive and therefore stay away from buying them. But there are still many options that don't cost a fortune and create a huge positive impact on the environment. 

Here's our suggestion of eco-friendly products that are a must buy. 

1. Bamboo Toothbrush

Billions of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills and the ocean every year—plastic that never degrades. It is also one of the easiest switches to make and now available at very economical prices all over the world. Switching to bamboo toothbrushes for you and your family can help prevent at least 4 toothbrushes that end up damaging the environment every year. 

Price at Empowearth: Rs. 169

2. Coconut Soap Dish

Made of reclaimed coconut the soap dish is another easy switch to make that can help you get closer to your goals of green living. The rustic soap dish is also sure to add a fine touch to your bathroom and home decor. The coconut soap dish is toxin free, handmade and completely natural. 

Price at Empowearth: Rs. 329

3. Release Valve Menstrual Cup

Well, every woman knows the number of sanitary napkins used in a month, a year and a lifetime. The usual sanitary napkins or tampons are not just extremely damaging for the environment, but also for the health of women, and the toxins released after disposing the sanitary napkins have serious health consequences for all. 

Menstrual cups are safer for the environment, your health & long-lasting. Once you are over the initial inhibitions, the menstrual cup is one of the godsends for women (that's the least we deserve :P). 

Price at Empowearth: Rs. 2799

4. Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad

If a menstrual cup is too much for you to start off with, then fabric menstrual pads are an easy way to start, while shifting towards an environment-friendly choice. 

Reusable cloth menstrual napkins might seem a more expensive investment at first, but due to their reusable nature they will end up being cheaper. 

Price at Empowearth: Rs. 1949 for a pack of 10

5. Stainless Steel Straws

Tons of plastic straws end up in the ocean threatening the lives of marine life. Marine life that is imperative to keep GHG emissions low and maintain a healthy food chain. 

Replace your plastic straws with stainless steel straws that come with cleaning brushes. 

Price at Empowearth: Rs. 2399 for a pack of 5 with 2 cleaning brushes. 

We believe every action makes a difference—no matter how small or how big. You don't need to change all your buying habits to be able to contribute towards a greener environment. Even changing a single product in your repertoire can make a huge impact on the planet. 

Healthy Earth = Healthy You 

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